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    Mentoring The First Generation

Sue Edelstein and Bill Spence

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What did you enjoy most about Mentoring for PreCollegiate? Everything. Getting to know the kids. Being current (how else would I have known what Hunger Games was?).  Crossing the socioeconomic divide and getting to know Latino families in Carbondale, and welcoming each other into our homes. Sharing our life experiences in a way that can open minds and doors of teens.
Bill Spence: We began with 10 shy, uncertain 7th graders and have watched them progress until, now in their senior year we’ve seen the sparks of nearly all wanting to go to college and to have productive lives of their own. Several have exceeded their wildest expectations and seeing their realizations of this is simply a wonderful experience as a mentor.  

Sue Edelstein: Making a difference – of all the nonprofits I’ve been involved with over the years, this is the first where I KNOW that I have made a difference. There is nothing theoretical about it!